Choose What You Pay

We designed the Open Press Project to make printmaking as accessible as we possibly can to give access to these beautiful techniques. It was quite obvious to us that this would affect the pricing of our presses as well.

So here’s our idea:



You’ll get three options and can freely choose what you want to pay for your press.


Own Cost

These are our own costs. Choose this price if you can’t financially help us with our vision. We are students and might choose this price as well. If you want to support us nevertheless, you can help us by simply telling your friends about the Open Press Project!

Own Cost + Minimal Salary

By choosing this price you join us in our vision to make printmaking more accessible and give us the chance to save money for crisis and pay ourselves a minimal salary. With your contribution we'd be able to continue our endeavour.

Own Cost + Future Projects

By choosing this price you would not only guarantee the ongoing of the Open Press Project, but you would also give us the possibility to let it grow, implement new ideas and work on new designs!



Cost Distribution


Open Press Own Cost



All of these aspects result in our own costs for manufacturing a single press without a salary for us. Any amount on top of our own costs is greatly appreciated, will go towards paying us a small salary and help us continue the Open Press Project.

Fair Price Guarantee

Independent of what price you choose you will not pay too much. With “Fair Price Guarantee” we ensure you that if we make more money than expected e.g. by selling more presses than expected we will never pay us more than the average salary and will donate everything above to charity.


Any questions? Feel free to write us an email!