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Using LEGO Bricks as Printing Plates – Open Press Stories

Brian Kyle Lego Printmaking with the Open Press Project

Brian Kyle Lego Printmaking with the Open Press ProjectBrian Kyle Lego Printmaking with the Open Press Project

A few weeks ago Open Press-owner Brian Kyle (@bkmms) shared his most recent printmaking experience in the Open Press Project Facebook Group and received lots of love from the community. Brian had the brilliant idea to arrange LEGO tiles on two 8x6 baseplates to create a self portrait and used it to show relief printmaking to kids!

We especially loved how these well-known LEGO tiles can be arranged in such a way that they are able to create something as complex as a self portrait. This would be the perfect technique in a workshop with kids and we'd love to see a whole series of these! Big thanks to Brian for sharing this with the community!

More and more people are sharing their awesome Open Press workshops and projects with us, that's why we decided to post them here on our blog. If you've used the Open Press for your art, please feel free to show us via email at martinschneiderart@gmail.com or – even better – make a post in the Open Press Facebook Group and get feedback from the community! See you over there!